• About Robyn Beckman

  • Robyn Beckman is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor with more than five years experience in teaching mindfulness practices (meditation, mindful movement, mindful eating, walking meditation, loving kindness, self compassion and body scans). She was introduced to mindfulness meditation in August 2012 when she sought help to work with symptoms and effects of ADHD.  Her initial reaction to the suggestion by her therapist to try meditation was “there is no way I could possibly sit down and meditate; my mind is constantly racing with thoughts; I can’t even sit still!”

    She was in dire need of help to calm her restless, busy mind and tame her impulsivity because it was ruining relationships and preventing her from progressing in her career (in Information Technology). So, she followed her counselor’s advice and gave meditation a try. She downloaded a meditation app called “Headspace” and started using the app to learn to meditate – 10 minutes a day for 10 days. After three weeks, Robyn began noticing subtle changes in how she was reacting and dealing with things at work.  Things that would normally trigger an automatic reaction of impatience, frustration, stress, anger, disappointment, agitation, etc, in Robyn were suddenly shifting and instead, she found herself listening to the person mindfully and she was pausing and responding instead of automatically reacting. And this was all happening without even trying! These were not subtle changes she was experiencing.

    It was readily obvious that the meditation was working and thus began her journey to learn more about mindfulness meditation by immersing herself in books and articles, listening to talks, teachings and  podcasts, watching YouTube videos and attending in person lectures.  Over time, she increased her daily meditation practice to 15 minutes a day, then 30 and later – 40 minutes.

    After three years of experiencing her life being transformed by practicing meditation and other mindfulness practices, Robyn had a strong desire to get training so she could teach others.  In September 2015, she enrolled at the UC San Diego Mindfulness-Based Professional Training Institute – where she completed the Foundational Instructor Training of the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course.  She continued her studies and in June 2018, Robyn completed Mindfulness Northwest’s 9-month Mindfulness Teacher Training Certification program.

    Robyn has been teaching mindfulness meditation classes online and in Gig Harbor, Port Orchard and Tacoma, Washington since November 2015.

    Robyn’s ongoing practice includes daily meditation, mindful movement, silent mindfulness meditation retreats, attending weekly meditation practice groups, lectures and continuing education in mindfulness and other related areas.

    Robyn’s intention is to introduce mindfulness practices to anyone interested in learning about them, to support those who wish to establish a regular meditation practice (or already have one) and to create a supportive community with other practitioners.