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    See the Calendar page for up-to-date event offerings, location and times.

    IN PERSON classesOn Hiatus Until Further Notice

    Gig Harbor – Harbor Fit Studio


    ONLINE* classes (via Zoom):  

    You must register to receive the Zoom link to the class or event. To register, you can email mindfulnesswithrobyn [at] gmail.com.

    2nd and 4th Sundays of the month from 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM Pacific Time.

    Every Monday Noon – 12:30 PM Pacific Time.  On Hiatus until Further Notice

    We start off with a poem and Robyn provides a little bit of guidance to settle the body and mind and then provides occasional prompts during a 30 minute meditation practice. This practice time is geared towards those who already have experience with meditation. If you are new to meditation, the drop-in classes will give more instruction and guidance and might be a better way to learn to meditate. ANYONE is welcome to join us, though!

    See the Calendar page for up-to-date event offerings, times and locations.


    In person classes are $15-20 per person, per class and $10 per virtual class offered via Zoom.  Robyn offers a sliding scale for her classes. You may choose the fee that feels most fitting. Robyn’s intention is to make her offerings more affordable to those with financial challenges and to allow those who are more fortunate in their financial circumstances an opportunity to practice generosity.

    Generally, the high value on the sliding scale is the amount needed to fully cover the costs of your attending an offering/event/class. 

    The first time you attend one of Robyn’s drop-in classes – you may attend at no cost.

    Please make your payment via PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/robynbeckman

    or Venmo @RobynBeckman

    or mail a check to:  Robyn Beckman | PO Box 4455 | South Colby, WA 98384

    More Details

    Your generosity is a gift that supports not only Robyn’s teaching and the financial expenses associated with these classes – but also the group, the community and your own practice.

    * Dana – Generosity as a Spiritual Practice

    The practice of Dana (generosity) invites us to explore the effects of giving and receiving freely. It is a practice to reflect both on the joy of receiving the teachings and programs; and also on the joy of supporting Mindfulness with Robyn, her teaching and the Mindfulness with Robyn community. There is no right way to practice Dana – except to bring awareness and appreciation to the process of giving and receiving. This is an opportunity to see any fear, greed and confusion as well as the basic goodness of a generous act. Mindfulness provides the necessary space needed to recognize and act on our generous intentions. This is often not an easy practice. At times we feel uncomfortable because we think that we did not give enough or that we gave too much. Once again, we simply take refuge in mindfulness. Only by listening can we discover an appropriate level of support.