• Mindfulness with Robyn Meditation Drop-In Classes

    Robyn Beckman facilitates an uplifting 60-75 minute Mindfulness Meditation drop-in class where you can:

    • Learn the foundational practices of mindfulness to calm and steady the mind.
    • Develop mindfulness meditation techniques.
    • Explore ways you can be more present and mindful in everyday life.
    • Create a sustainable home practice of meditation. Mindfulness is a scientifically researched and proven method to manage your stress and increase your well-being.
    • Learn and practice together with others, ask questions and share in the experience.

    Robyn’s drop-in classes are suitable for anyone who would like to learn and/or be part of a meditation group – whether you have never meditated or already have a regular meditation practice. Her style is part teaching/instruction, part storytelling of her own relatable experiences and part guided meditations and instructions.

    Everyone is welcome regardless of your meditation experience.

    Meditation practice develops concentration, which allows us to calm and steady the mind. In this ongoing drop-in class, we will learn how to practice together with guided meditations, learn about the research behind mindfulness and its benefits and explore other mindfulness practices like mindful eating, mindful movement, walking meditation, mindful self-compassion and loving-kindness. The aspiration is to learn to live authentically in the world with kindness, to be at ease and more present, feel more comfortable in our own skin and to awaken our hearts.

    Class Structure

    Drop-in classes are structured as follows:

    • Robyn creates a safe and supportive space in her opening and welcoming of all participants.
    • She leads a guided meditation (a mindful check-in, or body scan) to aid in “arriving” and being present.
    • She gives a short talk or reading about mindfulness or meditation; provides clear, simple instructions on how to meditate; and then guides a meditation that leads into a short, silent meditation.
    • She facilitates a class participant sharing and Q & A period.

    In Person Classes

    Chairs are provided. If you prefer to sit on a cushion or mat, please bring your own. Whatever you are more comfortable using is what is best! Wear layers – it is important to be comfortable, and the temperature in the room can vary. Please bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. The doors are locked five minutes after the class starts so it is important to arrive on time.

    Online Classes

    Robyn offers her online classes via Zoom. There are bound to be technical hiccups on occasion, so bring your patience and sense of humor.

    New to Zoom?
    Robyn provides the link to the Zoom session that you can just click on and it will take you directly to the Zoom session for the event, however it is best to download and test Zoom well before the class session to solve any technical issues that might arise.

    Zoom Technical Advice and Etiquette

    • When you enter the Zoom space, your camera and audio will be turned off to create a smoother virtual arrival. Once settled, turn your camera on by clicking the “Start Video” button on the Zoom toolbar at the bottom left part of your screen. This will allow others to see you (instead of just being able to hear you). If you have a weak Wi-Fi connection, turning the video off will help maintain a good connection.
    • During the discussion, please stay muted until you’d like to speak. To mute or unmute yourself, use the mute/unmute buttons on the Zoom toolbar (if you are on a tablet, you may have to click on the “more” button to see the “Mute/Unmute” button).
    • A headset with headphones and a microphone is helpful but not required.
    • If you are using your smartphone or similar device, use reliable Wi-Fi rather than your data plan (unless data is more reliable for you).
    • Come to the Zoom session ready to start with comfortable clothing, water and an attitude of dignity and nobility.
    • Sit in a room where you can close the door for privacy. If that’s not possible, please ask those in your home to give you space for the duration of the session.
    • Be open to the possibility of intimacy and community at a distance!

    Meditation Practice Circle

    Join Robyn and practice mindfulness meditation with others online. Robyn begins with a poem and then provides a little bit of guidance at the beginning to help settle the mind and body and gives an occasional prompt to bring your attention back to the present moment. This practice time is geared towards those who already have experience with meditation and want to build or establish a more regular practice.  If you are new to meditation, the drop-in classes will give more instruction and guidance and might be a better way to learn to meditate. ANYONE is welcome to join us, though!