• “I don’t write testimonials often, however my experience with Robyn Beckman is a must share, since I strongly believe she can help many people dealing with stress, anxiety or just hoping to improve their lives through the practice of mindfulness meditation. Robyn is a true MASTER mindfulness instructor; she has a great deal of experience that allows her to guide you and coach you in your mindfulness journey. Her keen ability to pin point areas of improvement and challenge allows the student to grow and be motivated in daily practice. Her compassion and empathy are limitless. 

    I am grateful and feel very lucky to have found her; she has been an important part of my personal growth and daily mindfulness awareness and practice.”
    ~ Carlos C – Port Orchard, WA

    “I moved from Wisconsin to Gig Harbor in June, 2019 and immediately began a sangha search as I’ve had a mindfulness meditation practice since 2012 at the Mindfulness Community of Milwaukee.  I was fortunate to find Robyn Beckman who practices and teaches mindfulness meditation.  I was impressed by Robyn’s teaching skills in various forms of meditation and communicating the messages of teachers such as Jon Kabat-Zinn and Pema Chodron through readings.  It takes substantial energy and focus to lead classes twice per week, but Robyn is consistently prepared and does an excellent job of keeping people informed.”
    ~ Craig R – Key Peninsula, WA


    “I have been a member of Robyn Beckman’s Mindfulness Meditation class for over three years. Her style is welcoming and inclusive. Being part of Robyn’s class has enriched my practice, as other members and I are made to feel safe in sharing our meditation experiences. Robyn has taught me that there is no right or wrong way to meditate! Being open to the whole experience, without judgement, has been key for me. Through her teaching, I’ve become more forgiving of myself and others — which leads to a more peaceful heart.”
    ~ Carol A – Gig Harbor, WA

    “I am so glad I found Robyn’s mindfulness classes! I always feel welcome and accepted as I am – in the supportive community she created. Her classes are more than just guided meditations; she offers thoughtful discussions, mindfulness practice tips, and a transformative experience.”
    ~ Diana A – Port Orchard, WA

    “I had no experience with meditation before finding Robyn Beckman’s Mindfulness Meditation class in Gig Harbor.  Not knowing what to expect, and generally being a private person, I was at first a little nervous when I went to my first meditation class.  That was well over a year ago.  With Robyn’s guided meditations and classes, I feel like I am evolving into a person that has more awareness and is more present to my feelings at each moment.  Robyn makes you feel welcome to “come as you are”, and to feel that you are in a safe and non-judgmental space.  The personal stories and experiences that Robyn shares, create a sense of common humanity to which I can always relate.  Her vulnerability in sharing her personal journey makes her a special and unique meditation teacher. Truly, I cherish each class, moment by moment and breath by breath.”
    ~ Shelly W – University Place, WA

    “I started going to meditation classes with Robyn a couple of years ago. Robyn’s teachings and insights help me think about what I am doing and about letting go of guilt if I miss a day or a week of meditating. My meditation practice is my own. It is very private and I protect it. If I get the chance to share with others I tread into the conversations very carefully. I keep myself aware that rejection is something I feel, but it doesn’t define me. Words can hurt, but I don’t have to internalize them or feel bad about myself. People come and go.”
    ~ Margo S – Port Orchard, WA

    “I have been meditating with Robyn for three years. From the first day, I found her to be a very kind and caring person, as well as an excellent teacher. She made me feel comfortable and at home with the group, even though I had little experience with meditation. She explained the process of meditation in a way that was easy to understand, and I found myself being able to meditate, if even for just a few minutes, from the very first day. Over the past three years, I have come to learn the principles behind mindfulness and why it is such a simple idea, that is so hard to accomplish. I have learned not to judge myself when my mind wanders, but to simply return my attention to my breath. I have seen a change in myself and how I think. My mind is clearer and more creative. I am experiencing less anxiety, and I sleep much better. I find myself to be less reactive, and able to address difficult situations more calmly and with more compassion for myself and others. All these positive changes have made me a lifelong disciple of the mindfulness practice. Thank you, Robyn, for your dedication and for all you have taught me. It has truly been transformational.”
    ~ Valerie S – Gig Harbor, WA

    “I have been attending Robyn Beckman’s meditation groups for a year now. What I enjoy most is that she always finds time to teach a lesson as well as guiding a meditation. Often she will use examples from her own life to illustrate a point, and I really appreciate her transparency. Her group has been an amazing help getting through this difficult covid 19 period of isolation. Her thoughtful insights have been very helpful. I am very grateful that I found this group.”
    ~ Kathryn M – Port Orchard, WA

    “I have meditated on my own for many years, and was looking for a community to meditate with, as well. I found out about Robyn’s Mindfulness class through a friend. Robyn creates an environment that welcomes all – at any level. Someone new to meditating will find a warm and welcoming environment. For those more seasoned, you will continue to deepen your practice. I appreciate how each and every person and their journey is honored and valued. Most of all, I appreciate Robyn’s passion for this work. Her commitment to this community is inspiring.”
    ~ Hunter S – Gig Harbor, WA

    “I have been attending Robyn’s Mindfulness classes for a little over a year. I felt welcome and comfortable from day one. The classes have been an uplifting and safe place for me to feel connected to others while learning to connect in a deeper way to my inner self. I have learned to grant myself more compassion and have begun to let go of shame I’ve been carrying for years. Mindfulness practice has given me a way to feel the calm beneath the clutter of thoughts and feelings constantly present. I can pause more often, be present and respond intentionally rather than react on auto pilot. One thing I love about Robyn is how real and relatable she is – she is not afraid to be honest about an area she has struggled or is struggling in and what she has learned from it or what tools have worked for her. She is a great teacher and I am so grateful I get to learn from her years of experience and be part of group meditation.”
    ~ Kim S – Port Orchard, WA

    “I’ve been meditating for about a decade and daily for the last 6 years. Studying on meditation, I quickly found a common thread that participating in meditation groups improves the results one gets from meditation. Several years ago I found the right combination of group meditation, training, and insight in Robyn’s group sessions. The group practices are an opportunity to learn, to find kindred souls — to share common or unique experiences with — and to expand my own personal development.  Robyn brings insight, experience, and a wealth of information about growth through meditation.”
    ~ Ed H – Bremerton, WA

    “I live in Idaho, and started attending Robyn’s Sunday morning Mindfulness Meditation classes in April 2020 when she offered them through Zoom because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt comfortable and welcomed right away, and the community she has created is accepting and supportive. Robyn’s in-class instruction, group meditation and facilitated discussions have helped me expand and deepen my practice. I feel fortunate to have Robyn as my meditation teacher.”

    ~ Wendy H – Moscow, ID