• One-on-One Private Sessions and Coaching

  • Mindfulness is as easy as breathing.  Do you think that you are unable to meditate because you cannot stop your mind from wandering? Mindfulness training is not about clearing thoughts from your mind; it is about seeing and observing those thoughts through the lens of non-judgement and kindness.  Once acquired, the tools of mindfulness work best if practiced consistently.  Mindfulness is especially useful in times of transition or personal difficulties. I am here to help if you become stuck in your practice, have questions or difficulties you may be encountering, are confused with next steps or need a gentle re-boot or modifications to your mindfulness meditation practice.

    An Introduction to Mindfulness – Four Private Sessions

    Private sessions are relaxed and confidential – providing an opportunity to work collaboratively toward clearer understanding.  You will learn techniques for a deeper connection to your breath, body, thoughts and feelings.

    Personal mindfulness coaching can help you with:

    • starting a meditation practice
    • specific issue or challenges with your meditation practice
    • deepen an existing personal practice
    • rewiring your neurobehavioral habits
    • finding ways and establishing habits to incorporate mindfulness into your day-to-day living

    Sessions include: intention setting, dialogue, check-ins, Q&A, guided practice, informal meditation customized to your habits and continued support outside of session via text or email.

    Together, we will develop a schedule frequency and time that works best for you. Each session will be 45 minutes. A series of four sessions is $150.


    How Do the One-on-one Sessions Work?

    My approach to working with you one-on-one is to start where you are and customize a learning style, practice(s) and a support model that is relevant to your needs.

    Initially, I will set up a consultation with you (virtually during COVID-1) and through some Q & A and discussion, we will:

    • Identify your purpose and intentions
    • Discover the type of support you need and want
    • Lay out a schedule


    What does Mindfulness Coaching and Support look like?

    1:1 Monthly Coaching Package (cost based on a sliding scale) $300

    Personal mindfulness coaching consists of you and I working together one-on-one to come up with the frequency and type of support that works for you to help you in establishing, maintaining and making modifications in your mindfulness habits and practices.

    Sessions include: intention setting, dialogue, check-ins, guided practice, informal meditation customized to your habits, continued regular support outside of session via text or email.

    Some examples might be:

    • Daily reminders and follow-up text messages to maintain a consistent practice.
    • Weekly videos created just for you with guided mindfulness practices (seated meditation, body scan, mindful eating, how to be mindful in your day-to-day activities).
    • Weekly phone or video meetings to check-in, assess, encourage, and troubleshoot your practice.


    What is the Next Step?

    Mindfulness brings positive changes to the everyday habits that may be holding you back.  I can help you to take the necessary steps to build your practice.  Please email or call me (see Contact page) if you want to know more or to schedule a free consultation via Skype, Zoom or phone.