• I have SO MUCH to be grateful for

    I started practicing “gratitude” a few years ago.  Due to causes and conditions in my upbringing, I lived life from a pretty negative vantage point and I spewed that negativity around a LOT.  And so, I basically practiced “negativity”.  There were specific things that I always appreciated and wasn’t slow to show my appreciation and gratitude in those situations. But, when I began to intentionally cultivate a daily practice of dropping in and acknowledge what I am grateful for – I noticed that I began to have more to be grateful for! It has been transformative. There are many ways that I practice gratitude – journaling, typing into an APP called “Presently” and every night before I close my eyes – Glen and I share 3 things we are grateful for that happened that day. This practice transforms our minds and hearts from focusing on anything our mind thinks we might be lacking (or think we need in order to be happy and content) – to a much richer experience of the moments that make up our lives.

    So, what you appreciate in life actually appreciates – meaning it grows. We are watering the seeds of gratitude, thankfulness, appreciation, fullness, blessings.

    Try a little experiment where you might do this every day:

    What if the only things in your life tomorrow – are the things you express gratitude for today?

    Or, maybe you can drop in a question like “What made you smile today?” and see what comes up.

    So, what’s it like to feel grateful? For me – it feels light, spacious, curious, open, joyful, content. The more I practice – the more I see and feel richness, value, beauty and wholeness.

    As I sit here on this day of Thanks Giving and pause to reflect on what I am TRULY thankful for – my relationships come to mind first. I am thankful for YOU today. I am thankful for all of the love and support I’ve received from my husband, my friends, my counselors, my teachers, my mentors, my students, my DOGS, my community of meditation/mindfulness and yoga practitioners and my own true nature. You have NO IDEA how much you mean to me and how much YOU have helped transform MY life and heart into one of abundance, generosity, kindness, compassion, joy and allowance. You fill my life with joy and meaning!

    Here is a link to a video that I watched today that I find to be inspiring, bountiful, rich, meaningful, insightful and beautiful.  Watch it when you have time.

    May you be content, peaceful, safe, healthy, strong, free, protected, loved and live with ease.

    With love and thanks,