• As the weather becomes summer-like and more people have been vaccinated against the COVID-19 coronavirus, many of us are considering our re-emergence back into the workplace and our social lives. Whether you are emerging more cautiously or feel like you are coming back full force like a strong windstorm – know that we are all encountering a world in many ways – transformed. Nothing is “settled” and the opportunities for change that were cracked open by the pandemic remain open.

    It is a time for choices. In moments of transition, there is a power to recognizing that we have choices and can enter into decisions and choices intentionally and deliberately. This requires us to slow down, pause and look at what options are available and being offered to us. It can be easy to just wait until decisions are made for us – by external forces (family, government, friends, medical situations, our bodies, etc.) but then we must live with those decisions. When we pause and can settle for a few moments and turn towards our thoughts, emotions and feelings and sense into what is truly present for us – things become a little clearer. Then, we can use some tenderness, friendliness, compassion and a non-judging attitude and make skillful and wholesome decisions.

    Similar to how we made adjustments and allowances at the beginning of the pandemic for our own and others’ comfort levels with social distancing and wearing masks, I think we need to remain sensitive and honor comfort levels as we emerge from the lifting of restrictions and pandemic.  Many of us have experienced transformations in our activity levels, energy, hearts, awareness, comfort with being alone and with others and we’ve learned to respect and honor this in others. Emotions are still raw and coming out of our shells can feel risky, sensitive and there may be some anxiety, fear, excitement, joy, tenderness, vulnerability, hesitation or ambivalence. So, pay attention to what your heart is telling you and be gentle and allowing for all that arises and give a wide berth to yourself and fellow humans. Be curious, have grace, tread lightly and adjust as you find the need or desire.

    Remember to breathe – deeply if that feels right to you.

    I will begin offering some classes on site soon at Harbor Fit in Gig Harbor. I am noticing some hesitation arising in me, while at the same time I’m experiencing excitement at hugging students and feeling their energy and seeing how they are doing in 3-D! Oh, I do plan on continuing to offer classes via Zoom and will give the hybrid class a real try (combo of onsite students and those attending via Zoom – at the same time). Let’s all practice some patience as we figure out this technological challenge of meeting in person while others are joining us via Zoom!

    May you be well.

    ~ Peace,